Acrylic brush holders

Acrylic brush holders descriptions

Acrylic brush holders are made of very strong acrylic material, which is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. It is much stronger than glass, ensuring its durability and safety, preventing injuries and breaking. The transparency is good, you can customize LOGO in front of the brush holder for free.
Various types and sizes of makeup brushes, lipsticks, pens, etc. are organized, so it is easy to find the one you want to search for.

Acrylic brush holders are produced by the leading display products manufacturer who is the name jiaxing lingshang display products Co.,Ltd. We focus to produce high quality acrylic brush holder for our each client. meanwhile we supply acrylic holders design solutions for every new customer.  However if you are interested in our service and products, you are welcome to contact us any time. OEM and your design will accepted by us also.

Plus thickness acrylic

Acrylic brush holders organized

More design styles

brush holders

Transparent quality

makeup brush organized

Excellent details of acrylic holders

Acrylic brush holders

High quality material

Firstly: Feel comfortable, crystal clear, no odor, healthy, washable
Secondly: Excellent scratch resistance and impact resistance, high-strength load-bearing capacity

Thickened edge

Firstly: the edge material is thickened to make it more firm and durable Secondly: The edge is smooth and round without thorns, so it is safe and does not hurt hands

Acrylic brush holders
Acrylic brush holders

Grid design

Firstly: reasonable division and storage
Secondly: The grid design, whether it is a flat or an oblique opening, gives you enough space to store the beauty brush

More design and styles of acrylic holders

Acrylic brush holders
Acrylic brush holders
Acrylic brush holders

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