Acrylic Display

Acrylic products display

Acrylic products display  structure of  is simple, but acrylic display cabinets and boxes can have many different forms and functions through the production of our factory.

All of our acrylic display cabinets, acrylic display boxes, and acrylic display racks are customized according to customer requirements.

In order to achieve all the items except the display box you need. We provide you with diversified and high-quality display cabinets for you to choose from, to help you display your products and increase sales.

Acrylic brushes holders

Custom acrylic box

Acrylic display stands

Lipstick organizer

Acrylic stand

Jewelry display cases

Makeup brush organizer

Lipstick stands

Custom acrylic display case

Acrylic makeup brush holder, perfectly organize and display your makeup brushes, at a glance, easy to find the beauty brush you want to use.

Acrylic custom boxes can be made according to your products, and the quality is reliable.

Acrylic display stands can not only display your products in the beauty shop, but also help organize your beauty products in your home.

Lipstick storage box is safe and reliable. It can be placed on your dressing table to store your precious lipsticks in different colors.

Acrylic standing, in restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas, hotels, display various activities, multi-angle rotation, perfect display.

Jewelry display box, perfect to organize and store your jewelry, easy to clean, transparent, various styles can be customized

Makeup brush storage,  A variety of colors of acrylic materials are available, which can help you display and store your beauty brushes.

Lipstick display stand, large storage capacity, not only can store lipstick, diamond surface design, high-end fashion.

Custom-made acrylic display cases, according to the specifications of masks, facial masks, and skin care products, customize the display boxes that belong to each person.