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Acrylic stand with advertising panel, the transparency of acrylic display stand can ensure that potential customers and potential customers can easily see your products. Better product visibility also means better sales.

acrylic stand is a popular standing sign stand, which is equipped with an advertising panel. Allows you to display two promotional products back to back. These upright signs use the bottom and top load frame style. It will help increase brand awareness in the market, and your brand will always be in the minds of customers.

The bottom is loaded with a sign rack. The acrylic bracket is sturdy and durable and can be used even in bad weather conditions. It is not easy to break easily insert graphics from the bottom and either side. Used to display your promotions at trade fairs, hotel lobbies, gyms, medical offices and conferences.

Acrylic stands advertising panel


Top load flag rack. Insert graphics from the top and side quickly and easily. You can easily customize it in your own way. This means you can choose a display stand of any size, shape, or even color, and design it to meet your expectations and brand guidelines.

Usually used in restaurants and bars to display daily menus and specialty drinks.

Multi-angle display

Multicolor bracket

90-degree angle turn

Excellent details of Acrylic stands

High quality material

Super clear, crystal clear, no odor, healthy

Multi-angle display

According to the size and form of your poster or menu, you can turn 90 degrees

Strong suppot frame

Using high-quality fasteners, the paint color is pure,

More design and styles of Acrylic stands


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