Clothes shop display

Boutique clothing display racks

boutique clothing display racks are specially built for your fashion boutique, adding a stylish and elegant atmosphere to your clothing showroom.

All high-quality clothing racks are made of high-quality carbon steel, which has been derusted and phosphated. The surface has a thick paint layer that will not be scratched and will last for a long time. If you need to cover the outside of the fixture, we can also handle it.

The tripods of the boutique clothing racks can use fixed feet, or they can be installed with universal wheels, so that you can move them because of the style of the clothes.

Clothing racks for stores

Retail clothing racks

Clothing display racks

Heavy duty clothes rack

Clothes display rack

Clothing racks for retials, like four-way hangers, parallel-bar clothing racks, round clothing racks, etc. are used in discount stores and bulk commodity sellers. Various styles of retail store fixtures and store display fixtures use a small floor space to show consumers your different styles All kinds of clothes.

Store clothing racks with colors as plain black, white or chrome-plated hangers are suitable for clothing retail stores and household use. We can customize various styles and colors of hangers according to the style of different clothing retail stores.

Retail clothing rack can display the clothing in your store from different angles. It can be displayed on the wall to save space, or it can be floor-standing.

Heavy-duty clothing racks mainly display winter clothing, such as overcoats, sweaters and down jackets. The materials used are thick and thick high-quality cold-rolled steel.

Clothing display shelf can be displayed in layers, with green plants on the upper layer, clothes on the middle layer, and shoes on the lower layer. It is not a single display of clothing. According to the style of the clothing, hats, scarves, ties, shoes, etc. can also be displayed.