Clothing racks for stores

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Clothing racks for store create visual appeal by changing the fixtures and displays of the store. Discount stores and bulk merchandise sellers continue to rely on sturdy parallel-bar clothing racks that can hold large amounts of inventory. The round clothing rack can hold a lot of goods using a relatively small floor space. Provide you with more space to display your products.

In combination with hangers, display tables, mannequins, etc., you can display your products at different heights. One of the best ways to get your customers’ attention quickly is to use an outward-facing presentation. Outbound sales means that the front of the product faces the customer.

Clothing racks for stores produced by offo display.
We have been committed to helping bridal shops, children’s clothing stores, consignment stores, department stores, underwear stores, men’s clothing stores, footwear and socks stores, sporting goods stores, vintage clothing stores by providing affordable high-quality store fixtures These fixtures include clothing racks, bull’s head racks, wooden shelves, tempered glass shelves, glass display cabinets, cashier counters, parcel counters, board walls, grid walls and many other store fixtures, retail displays and store supplies.

Men's wear scene

Women's wear scene

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Clothing racks for stores

Excellent details of Clothing racks for store

Clothing racks for stores

simple design

Ingenious craft highlights the aestheticism and atmosphere of the exhibition stand

Technology of sandblasting and baking paint

Smooth lines, simple modeling, thickened steel, increase load-bearing, stable

Clothing racks for stores

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Clothing racks for stores
Clothing racks for stores

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