Custom acrylic box

Custom acrylic box descriptions

Custom acrylic box can display models, cakes or other souvenirs in your houses, museums, retail spaces, offices, showrooms, trade shows, exhibitions, food festivals, etc.

We can manufacture various options for your acrylic display box, including base, mirror base, sliding cover, hinged cover, lockable hinge to cover shoe box style and flat cover.

custom acrylic box and case that suit your needs and needs. We are one of the largest custom acrylic packaging box production factories, and we will be happy to customize the custom packaging box and quantity you need.

Our team has various custom functions for acrylic and plexiglass boxes, including custom size, printing and engraving. We can use any monogram or pattern you want to make your acrylic acrylic in any size and various colors.

Just measure your product, and contact us for measurement, we will help you get the ideal display cabinet or packaging box for you!

Acrylic display cabinets and boxes can protect your display items while also providing a unique appearance. They help preserve and maintain your belongings and keep them free of dust and debris.

Drawers style

Custom acrylic case

Multi-tier design

Kinds makeup storage

Excellent details of Custom acrylic case

custom acrylic box

High quality material

Feel comfortable, crystal clear, no odor, healthy, washable

Thickened edge

The edge material is thickened to make it more firm and durable The edge is smooth and round without thorns, so it is safe and does not hurt hands

custom acrylic box
custom acrylic box


Clear product placement and easy selection of all products

More design and styles of Custom acrylic boxes

custom acrylic box
custom acrylic box
custom acrylic box

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