Custom display cases

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Custom display cases and built display cabinets and cabinets, whether due to the size of the required case, specific design requirements or for safety considerations. It may also depend on the internal environment of the box of the displayed item. It can be fully customized to make the display cabinet very suitable for your needs, and provide LED lighting, security locking solutions, printed trademarks, etc., you will find the ideal solution here.

Custom display cases are completely suitable for internal display items, while also considering external factors such as environment and safety requirements. The appearance of each custom display cabinet designed can provide a smoother viewing effect and a better overall model display.

For custom display cabinets under 40 inches, curved edge styles are used to increase strength and rigidity while protecting the model artwork. Our team will provide you with suggestions on the best materials and processes from acrylic to glass, from aluminum profiles to LED lighting, and we will cover all possibilities.

Bottom storage

Multi-tier design

Various types of lattices

Excellent details of Custom display case

Custom display cases

High quality material

High quality thick steel frame, even baking paint, anti-corrosion and anti rust

Various types of lattice design

For different product size requirements, a variety of grid design

Custom display cases
Custom display cases

Bottom leg design

The base foot is made of stainless steel, anti-corrosion and durable, the bottom can be lifted, anti-skid.

More design and styles of Custom display cases

Custom display cases
Custom display cases
Custom display cases

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