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Display design descriptions

Display design is a design with “display equipment” as the subject matter, and “explanation”, “display equipment”, and “lighting” as the indirect subject matter to highlight the protagonist of “display fixture”.

The store layout of the display design is the key to guide the crowd and improve self-taste. The main purpose of the store layout is to highlight the characteristics of the products, make customers desire to buy, and facilitate their selection and purchase.

Display design can range from exhibition venues, museums, art galleries, to shopping malls, stores, temporary celebration venues, and as small as showcases and display counters (sample cabinets), but they all take convincing display as the main concept.

The design of the specialty store is very particular, it needs to be clean and unconventional. When arranging the storefront of a specialty store, a variety of relevant factors should be considered, such as the size of the space, the number of types, the style and function of the goods, the arrangement and brightness of the lights, the width of the passage, the location and scale of the cash register, the installation of wires and the Government regulations on construction, etc.

The layout of the store is best left with room for adjustment according to seasonal changes, so that customers continue to have a sense of freshness and novelty, and stimulate their desire to continue to consume.

Multi type mixed display

Multi-tier design

Bottom mass storage

Excellent details of Display design

Side support flame

Add side and steel bar support to reinforce the super-high display frame

Back support of display stand

Back cross support to prevent large span exhibition frame from shaking

High quality material

Thickened high quality carbon steel pipe, firm and stable frame. Surface baking technology, anti-corrosion, smooth surface, easy to clean.

More design and styles of Display design


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