Freestanding bookshelves

Freestanding bookshelves descriptions

Freestanding bookshelves decorate for living room and reading room, more styles and more size can select.  differenct colors suitable for your room design.

Home standing bookshelves

Freestanding bookshelves

living room bookshelves

Freestanding bookshelves

Standing storage bookshelves

Freestanding bookshelves

Excellent details of freestanding bookshelves

Freestanding bookshelves

Special finish on wooden surface

The wood material meets the requirements of E1 grade, environmental protection, and no peculiar smell. Wood surface special treatment finish can be retro style can also be modern style.

footer set of bookshelf

The use of galvanized bolts, firm and non - rusting, base with anti-skid washer, can protect the floor surface, also can not let the bookshelf move

storage racks metal
wooden decorative shelf

High quality material

It is made of carbon steel with perfect baking paint, no rust, and scratch. It is equipped with high-quality fasteners and easy to install.


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