Gondola in supermarket

Gondola in supermarket descriptions

Gondola in supermarket have a long service life, are sturdy and durable, and have a solid structure, and they are economical in space utilization. In addition to colors, text, graphics and other interior design elements, the display stand also reflects the use of advertising functions.

Meet the requirements of product display to convey information and product sales function, and the product must have a personal style and structural design. They are widely used in clothing stores, supermarket clothing stores, retail stores of various commodities. .

Gondola in supermarket with slotted angle brackets of various sizes, designs and sizes that we manufacture. appearance, sturdy structure, free assembly, quick disassembly and convenience, they are made through a highly complex engineering process and are made of low carbon steel.

We design and produce according to the customer’s product category and size. You can use steel material alone, or a mixture of iron and forest materials. We can produce various types and various surface color treatments.

Multiple types

Multi-tier design

Large span

Excellent details of Gondola in supermarket

Gondola in supermarket

High quality wood plate

Feel comfortable, crystal clear, no odor, healthy, washable, E1 class stand, Exquisite edge

Bottom mass storage

The bottom can store all kinds of goods, cabinet door stainless steel hinge design, rust prevention, easy to switch

Gondola in supermarket
Gondola in supermarket

Spraying design

Spray paint technology, waterproof and antifouling, easy to clean

More design and styles of Gondola in supermarket

Gondola in supermarket
Gondola in supermarket
Gondola in supermarket

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