Lipstick stands

lipstick stands are practical and multi-functional cosmetic storage boxes, made of high-quality hard transparent acrylic material, durable, can be washed, easy to care, composed of a detachable lipstick rack and a drawer storage box, multi-layer and multi-divided Storage, large capacity,
Dust-proof and moisture-proof, it can store and organize lipstick, mascara, perfume, makeup remover, makeup brush, nail polish, necklace, ring and other cosmetics and jewelry well.

Lipstick stands descriptions

Lipstick stands are made of very strong acrylic material, durable and non-toxic. High transparency, elegant model, practical and easy to use.

It has excellent weather resistance and is much stronger than glass, thus ensuring its durability and safety against injuries and breakage.

The fine craftsmanship of each compartment is uniform in size, and the style on the table or desk is clear and beautifully decorated. 3D laser cutting, carefully polished, beautiful and safe packaging.

Organize your favorite lipstick, cosmetics, eye shadow and eyeliner, bottle, mirror, cotton pad, eyelash curler, lipstick, perfume, makeup puff, brush, lip gloss, blush, concealer, mascara, eyebrow enhancer, glitter powder , Shimmer, comb, etc.

High transparency, elegant model, practical and easy to use, transparent storage space makes it easy for you to find the one you need. Keep the dressing table, countertop, dressing table, desk, etc. clean and tidy by putting everything in one place. Suitable for professional or family use.

Multi-tier design

Drawers style

Kinds makeup storage

Excellent details of Lipstick stands

Lipstick stands

Multi layer and multi grid design

With multi-layer, multi grid and multi size design, different products can be placed in different categories and layers, and more than 100 pieces can be placed

Exquisite handle

The same material acrylic, a variety of handle design

Lipstick stands

More design and styles of Lipstick stands

Lipstick stands
Lipstick stands
Lipstick stands

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