Makeup brush organizer

Makeup brush organizer descriptions

Makeup brush organizer is carefully designed to keep the brush within reach. It can hold pencils, eyeliner brushes, eyebrow brushes, concealer tubes, highlighter tubes, eyeliner pens with fiber tips, in addition to holding makeup brushes of various sizes, it can also store lipsticks and other types of makeup.

Makeup brush organizer we produce has many brush slots, which can store multiple cosmetic brushes. It is supported by silica gel inside, which can divide the brushes of various specifications you use, and protect the paint surface of the brush handle from being bruised and abraded. The makeup brush will maintain its best condition in a dry, oxygen-containing environment.

Bottom pull-out design, the bottom can be ventilated after opening, which can make your brush dry. It won’t cause any problems on the face due to the bacteria generated by the wet brush.

The finisher is not only suitable for brushes, but also for eyeliner, lipstick, concealer, mascara, and even moisturizer or toothbrush. It can be washed with water, is antibacterial, mildew proof, waterproof and stain proof.

Handstand placement

Integrated feeding box

Bottom ventilation

Excellent details of Makeup brush organizer

Makeup brush organizer

Waterproof and moistureproof

It can be washed and used in humid environment, such as bathroom

The bottom is breathable

The bottom is ventilated, and the brush can be naturally dried after being opened

Makeup brush organizer
Makeup brush organizer

Special support holder

Silicone material, grid each brush, protect the brush handle will not be scratched

More design and styles of Makeup brush cases

Makeup brush organizer
Makeup brush organizer
Makeup brush organizer

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