Store display rack

Store display racks descriptions

Store display rack produced for store and retail shopping, We are a leader in providing metal gondola shelves for grocery stores, which is one of the most popular shelf options.

Supermarkets and grocery stores use metal flat bottom shelves because of its durability and versatility.

The quality of products is the fundamental embodiment of our dignity. Excellent quality refuses to be mediocre.

We always believe that the temperament and quality of producers are included in the products, and all the excellent quality is made up of details.

Store display rack design,  that it is always in the leading position of similar products. Seasonal focus on trends and holidays – impulsive and attractive themed items work well in temporary displays and are also related to what’s happening in the community, such as school sports or seasonal festivals.

It’s easy to use the pop zone to show the product. I hope the promotion can start it.

We also provide a large number of gondola car accessories for you to choose, designed to help you better organize products, display additional goods, signs and so on.

Iron wood mixture

Multi product display

Bottom mass storage

Excellent details of Store display rack

Store display rack

Corner reinforcement

The corners are reinforced with steel fasteners

Wood flame

All wood is E1 grade, healthy and odorless

Store display rack
Store display rack

Steel Flame

Multi layer iron frame, plug-in type, easy installation and disassembly, perfect painting, exquisite welding

More design and styles of Store display rack

Store display rack
Store display rack
Store display rack

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