Vegetable fruit display rack

Vegetable fruit display racks descriptions

Vegetable fruit display rack the stylish steel-wood vegetable rack series have an ultra-thin design and are widely used in shopping malls and retail stores around the world for the display of fresh fruits and vegetables, and can be used indoors and outdoors. This will make the product look fresh and attractive. The appearance is good but durable, and the stylish design is classic. It is an ideal investment choice for any store selling fruits and vegetables.

Vegetable fruit display rack can be combined with single-sided and double-sided shelves and hanging baskets. The space and carrying capacity of each layer are larger than ordinary commercial shelves. You can choose different thickness, size, number of layers and colors. Vegetable shelves can be added to the existing shelf units, and equipped with a variety of fresh produce trays, vegetable boxes and baskets, you will surely find a suitable shelf.

Double deck + advertising

Three layers

Three layers + advertising

Excellent details of Vegetable fruit display racks

Vegetable fruit display rack

Multi grid

Multi grid, can display a variety of vegetables or fruits

Products flame

High quality steel flame, strong standing, nice spraying, easy to clean

Vegetable fruit display rack
Vegetable fruit display rack

Flame baffle

The main steel flame with steel baffle, So that the display box is stable, will not slide, safe and reliable

More design and styles of Vegetable fruit display rack

Vegetable fruit display rack
Vegetable fruit display rack
Vegetable fruit display rack

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