Vegetable rack for shop

Vegetable rack for shop descriptions

Vegetable rack for shop with beautiful appearance, high quality, with steel basket and plastic basket. The proper slope angle can make the water flow down the storage cabinet to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh.

Luxurious big basket vegetable rack, air circulation. Available in various sizes and colors. Applicable to all supermarkets.

Four solid wheels can be set at the bottom for easy movement. We also customized for customers, providing the best solution!

Vegetable rack for shop and vegetable markets, we produce kinds of racks for our clients, we can fix your plan to give our solution idea.

Over the years, we have accumulated rich experience to meet the requirements of customers, working day and night to maintain our brand value in the market.

We have advanced technology and first-class mechanical equipment, such as cutting machine, laser engraving machine, drilling machine, diamond polishing machine, hot press, etc. Every product and production process is inspected and controlled by our quality inspector.

Our team has rich experience in display structure design and surface treatment.

Super heavy load

Perfect display

Kinds of vegetable display

Excellent details of Vegetable rack for shop

Vegetable rack for shop

Woon flame

The wood plate with high quality cover, all wood with E1 class stand, healthy. easy to clean.

Steel Flame

The steel flame made high quality steel, wall thickness, nice surface, fixed by strong fasteners.

Vegetable rack for shop
Vegetable rack for shop

The cover of wood flame

Any color panel can be obtained, perfect edge sealing process, waterproof and antifouling

More design and styles of Vegetable rack for shop

Vegetable rack for shop
Vegetable rack for shop
Vegetable rack for shop

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