Vegetable rack for supermarket

Details of Vegetable rack for supermarket

Vegetable rack for supermarket, Fruit rack for supermarket, Cake rack for supermarket, Snake rack for supermarket.

We produce racks for supermarkets, widely used for vegetables display, fruit display,.

The rack material with steel or steel-wood. all colors are avaiable from us. 

We can give you solution design for your vegetable store, just let us know what kind of style and your store size.



The material of Vegetable rack

Our wooden material with Europe standard E1 class, it is safe and healthy. it is suitable for home and indoor using.

Our steel material fixed Rohs standard, the surface of steel with spray treatment. Anti corrosion, moisture-proof, wear resistance

Our technology

Exquisite hemming process

Years of furniture technology, tabletop polishing edge without pricking hands, beautiful atmosphere

Safety baffle

Humanized design, rest assured to shelve all kinds of goods, safe use rest assured

Stable steel frame

High quality carbon steel after cutting heat treatment, surface after washing, phosphating, painting and other treatment, use firmly, no deformation

High quality hardware

Select hardware fittings, high quality steel or stainless steel fasteners, stand wear and tear.


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